Keep your projects moving

Structural Wrap provides temporary solutions to keep your projects on track

Structural Wrap secures your project with industrial shrink wrap from scaffolding to high rise. We can provide temporary walls, dust barriers and debris protection to keep your project on schedule.

Windows and doors change order?

We have you covered. Keep moving with interior finishes until they arrive.

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Construction Weather Protection

It's the difference between being on schedule or overbudget. We enclose the entire building, and quit weather from stopping your crews.

Dust Containment Walls/ Frameless Interior Protection Systems

Separate your production areas from your construction areas. Frameless shrink wrap walls can be built to any size spec. We can split your space to accommodate your construction needs.

Stay in control of your project no matter the weather.

Timelines are tight, and any small issue can throw them off. We can keep your project on time and profitable.

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